The Trumpys are icons of yacht design and symbols of leisure and elegance. They have been called the ‘Bugatti’s of American yachts’ and ‘our country’s finest examples of cruising houseboats.’ The 75-Foot motor yacht ‘America’ was built in 1965 for James L. Knight, Miami Herald Publisher and Philanthropist. Its proud succession of owners, including noted yachtsman Joe Bartram, has kept ‘America’ on a rigorous maintenance schedule and upgrade program. Now owned by Theodore B. Conklin, owner and proprietor of The American Hotel, she is being offered for charter out of Eastern Long Island in summer and Coastal and southern climates in winter.


Owner Theodore B. Conklin bought the landmark American Hotel in 1972 and revived it after 50 years of disuse. He has operated the restaurant and hotel ever since. He lives full time in Sag Harbor, New York. The motor yacht “America” is a distinguished addition to the village and port of Sag Harbor and provides a fine compliment to the historic American Hotel.


Ted Schmidt, Captain